Future Proof Omics

Everything as an Application

Databiology's unique architecture lets you Future Proof your Omics processes by always working with best in class solutions, today and tomorrow. Process your omics data through your favorite applications, workflows, web services, or even desktop programs, on a compute platform of your choice and benefit from extensive functionality such as automated data management, tracking, collaboration and project management. Our Databiology for Enterprise (DBE) platform ensures continuity, interoperability and consistency. DBE is at the intersection of data, applications and infrastructure to give you the freedom and agility you need to quickly and confidently adopt the latest technologies.

Any Omics Data |  Any Compute Platform |  Everything as an Application

Instrument to Insight

The Databiology for Enterprise platform delivers rich functionality orientated on key steps in the omics life cycle: Instrument to Insight (I2I). Our I2I approach enables globally scalable omics processes that can be deployed across the enterprise and its partners.

Work with data and analysis regardless of location and technology.
Easily share data, applications and infrastructure internally and externally.
Speed up time to market for your new new pipelines or products.

Configure. Command. Collaborate.

Databiology's SaaS solution lets you CONFIGURE, COMMAND and COLLABORATE (3Cs) on omics information and associated processes via Web Portal, API, or Custom Web Application. Functionality from the 3Cs can be selectively exposed to users, for example respective to their job role, their project membership or their method of access. This makes it really easy to let every contributor access the right information, as well as access the functionality they need to collaborate effectively on organizationally and geographically distributed projects.

DBE puts you back in control of your omics processes by making it easy to interoperate best of breed solutions within the context of your users and their projects.