Overcome geographical barriers and accelerate time to results for globally distributed research with Databiology and IBM Cloud

Cutting-edge research in life sciences or healthcare not only means pushing the boundaries of knowledge; it often requires stretching the limits of high-performance computing (HPC). Whether you are focused on cancer genomics, medical diagnostics or crop science, pan-omics research involves advanced application pipelines, massive volumes of biomedical data, and some of the world’s most powerful infrastructures.

At Databiology, we are at the intersection of applications, data, and infrastructure, providing globally distributed organizations with the freedom and agility to quickly
and confidently adopt the latest technologies. And we have now incorporated IBM® IBM Cloud® cloud into our platform, enabling us to deliver important new capabilities to our customers.

Meeting the challenges of your work

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Databiology for Enterprise (DBE), provides information management and orchestration for the life sciences and healthcare sectors. You can deploy DBE on premises, on cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

DBE enables you to operate your instrument-to-insight lifecycle based on best-in-class solutions, managed across geographical locations. In a global research organization, you will have data sets in various locations, and you will be subject to regulatory restrictions that prevent you from repatriating unprocessed data for further analysis. You will have a vast application catalog, where many applications will be tied to specific locations and will not be easily portable.

DBE has been designed with the enterprise and its distributed data, applications, and infrastructure in mind. With DBE, you can process your data through all of your favorite applications, work flows, and web services on any number of compute platforms of your choice. You also benefit from extensive functionality such as access controls and credential management, automated data management, tracking, collaboration, and project management.

Advantages of DBE and IBM Cloud

The addition of IBM Cloud means new choices to run your solution. You can quickly connect your IBM Cloud account to your DBE instance, bring your applications to the cloud using Docker containers, and execute your workloads. Key features and bene ts of using DBE and IBM Cloud include:

Geo specifying: You can benefit from the IBM Cloud global presence with data centers in more than 40 locations around the world, in all major geographies. Easily designate the IBM Cloud data center where your workload should be executed or set up rules in DBE to ensure data stays within a certain country on IBM Cloud. By bringing the IBM Cloud infrastructure to the data instead of the other way around, you can also save time and reduce the costs of data transport.

Bare metal: Not only can you get on-demand cloud capacity, you can also set up prede ned bare-metal infrastructures—dedicated servers and storage in IBM Cloud data centers that are ready within hours. You gain the security bene ts of full physical isolation from others’ workloads, and raw compute capacity that is equivalent to your on-premises HPC. Another great advantage is the ability to easily exchange data between your on-premises data centers and your IBM Cloud environment.

IBM POWER8® performance: Gain substantial increases in computation speed with IBM Power SystemsTM servers uniquely available on IBM Cloud at short notice. These servers, with POWER8 processors running Linux, deliver high performance critical to demanding work such as genomic pipelines. The servers also leverage the enhanced I/O, memory bandwidth, and threading parallelism of the POWER8 architecture. With IBM Cloud cloud bare-metal resources, you can scale compute capacity up or down as needed.

Global flexibility to meet today’s challenges

Databiology on IBM Cloud gives you the exibility you need to collaborate effectively on organizationally and geographically distributed projects. Re-create environments at the touch of a button, helping to enable repeatable research results. You can re-run the same computation but use different parameters, different data, or a different version of the software. Databiology’s unique architecture lets you future-proof your processes by always working with best-in-class solutions, today and tomorrow, while continuing to incorporate your existing body of research. Find out more about IBM Cloud (including data center locations) here.