ANY Infrastructure

Databiology empowers you to manage and deploy scalable compute and storage capacity securely and reliably, on a variety of HPC and IaaS platforms for use by your applications and data.

Made for the enterprise
Enterprise Application Registry
  • Store all your applications in one place
  • Version control and user audit
  • Support for multiple architectures (amd64, ppc64le)
Access Controls and Roles
  • Control access to applications, projects, compute sites and storages
  • Create custom roles witch specific access rights and functional capabilities and assign them to groups of users
  • Inherit groups from directory services such as LDAP and map them to DBE roles
Identity Management Integration
  • SAML support, support identity provider and service provider mode
Credential Management
  • Store secrets securely to authenticate and access data, applications and infrastructure on behalf of users
Unlimited Compute Sites and Storages
  • Connect any number of compute sites and storages
  • Manage and track compute and storage access and capacity by user and role
  • Track consumption by project
  • All data is encrypted in flight
  • Automatic shut-out of inactive users
  • All user activities and changes to entities are logged